Game Dude = Used Game Awesomeness

This is a public service announcement to anyone living in, or traveling through the Burbank, CA area that is interested in used console games. I live out in the sticks of NE Nevada, where there’s not a whole lot going on games-wise, but I make it into Burbank every couple of months for business. Game Dude is a store that sells boatloads of used (and new) video games. It’s a rather large store though, so there’s more than you’d normally find in a typical used game store.

I realize that you can get good deals on eBay for used games (and I frequently do), but there’s something extra-cool about standing in a store this large that specializes in video games.


So I would be remiss to not share said location with my fellow gaming geeks and geekettes. Here’s the rack near the front door that has all the price lists:


There are lists for new and used Nintendo 64, Playstation 1, 2 and 3, Xbox and Xbox 360, Dreamcast, Gamecube, Saturn, Neo Geo, Game Gear, Wii, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, and Game Boy Advance. Plus they’ve got used DVD’s. Here’s just one of the aisles:


And here’s the Xbox section:


Anyway, if you’re a game freak and you like checking out used games, check this place out. I was there a few weeks back, and picked up Bully and Disgaea for PS2, and Exit and Crush for PSP. I just got a Nintendo DS for Christmas, so next time I go I’ll be looking for some DS games too. The best part is that when you check out, they open each case to make sure the game is actually in it, and they show you the underside of the CD so you can see the quality of the disk surface. Most excellent.

Check out their site here.


3 thoughts on “Game Dude = Used Game Awesomeness”

  1. Hey Gooch, they have a place like that here in Syracuse called Hiawath Video. Although it is an armpit compared to the place you write about. I will make a point of taking some pics sometime soon. Here’s a couple reviews of the place that I found on the net… – Jerry


    “Ah, the overpowering smell of cheap perfume being wafted about by fan to fight the stench of the sewage treatment plant next door hits my gag reflex every time I walk into this place. This is where you come to find that Atari game you loved so much as a kid, or your guitar that was stolen from you 8 years ago. If you are lucky, you will hear the guard dogs barking at you in the back room while you look through their impressive collection of CD’s that were discarded from fellow Syracusans of years past.”


    Yeah so yesterday I decided to take the 2 hour round trip down to Syracuse to scope out some Dreamcast stuff. It was interesting.

    First off I went to Hiawatha video near the Carousel Mall. I wasn’t expecting much since I tried to call ahead to see what they had about 20 times the day before I went. I was dissapointed. Not because of a lack of video games though.

    First off from the outside the place looked like a crack house. When you go inside you realise that it might actually BE a crack house. I half expected there to be a sign that said “please do not go into the back room because we are selling drugs and illegal handguns there” or maybe “windows are for pussies” (There were no windows in the place)

    Dusty rooms filled hapzardly with shelves of movies and video games. Which would be totally awesome but they are all OUTRAGEOUSLY PRICED. And while there was ALOT of stuff almost none of it was rare or in any kind of good condition.

    And the dreamcast stuff was lacking and high priced.
    A $1.99 (amazon Price) 3rd party controller in box for 14.99???? A shitty looking dreamcast for $100.00?

    So I did buy one dreamcast game (The others were all common games being sold for like $20) Industry Spy. It looked cool and I had never seen it before. Please do not ask what I paid for it. Too much. Thats all I am saying.

    I tried to use my skills to talk down the price but the (manager?) old biker looking dude would have none of it. Normally I can easily talk down the price for ANYTHING but that was one grizzled old leather clad shitheel who did not want to haggle. He obvousely wanted to get back to buying stolen electronics from crackheads and didn’t have the time for the likes of me. (He also managed to limit his side of the conversion to like five words)

    All in all I got the feeling that the store was probably just a front. The extraordinary high priced and the multiple computers running in a side room led me to believe that that this store is nothing but a front to sell stolen stuff online (or other shit in the back room). Plus the other “customers” looked like a lineup off the sexual offender registry.

    Needless to say I will not be going back there. If you are ever in Syracuse, save yourself some trouble and do not go there. (Unless you want to unload some hot Merch)


  2. I cannot believe it! Game Dude is still around? I remember going to that specific store to buy Resident Evil 2 for PS, FF VII, so many games. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the photo, which was picked up on Kotaku

    Thanks so much for your post, I’m just flabbergasted that I saw this picture today (I know this post is years old, but again, because of the kotaku post, it was front and center on my laptop!!!

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